We believe that our employees’ personal and professional success is tantamount to the success of our organization. We work to attract talented individuals and give them the support and tools they need to succeed. Our mission is to make each and every one of our employees a successful person within our organization.

We realize that our human resources are our most valuable asset. Thus, in order to maintain success and reach our goals of growth, we invest in our human capital. We strive to create a productive, team-structured atmosphere that focuses on diversity, honesty and talent. Year after year, our vision is to create a success story for each of our employees by offering them a truly productive and efficient environment in which to work.

Developing people’s skills and sharpening their talents are just some of the ways in which we support our employees along their journey to achievement. We are engaged in constant dialogue with our teams to evaluate their needs and provide training wherever necessary. Comprehensive support programs along with higher education play an integral role in investing in the future of our people.

When it comes to recruitment, we are always focused on hiring the right people and inspiring them to do their best. We are always on the look-out for talented individuals. As an equal opportunities’ employer, we highly value integrity, knowledge and productivity.

Guzyaliya Asylguzhina

Design Coordinator

Arshad Sayed

Executive Director - International Alliances

Karmina Dela Cruz


Mohamad Shannan

Design Supervisor

Munir Al Deraawi

Munir Al Deraawi

Executive Investment Manager

Ismail Mohammed

Ismail Mohammed

Quantity Surveyor

Tarek Matouk

Tarek Matouk

Sales Director

Tarek Matouk

Ahmad Mashhood

HR Manager